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Amino acids play an important role in menopause relief and supporting a stable body temperature. We're offering a 20% off coupon code for your first order on Amazon. This is an exclusive online offer.
New Menopause Relief Taking Amazon By Storm
New Menopause Relief Taking Amazon By Storm
"This supplement not only saved me from uncomfortable side-effects like mood-swings and hot flashes, but it also saved my marriage."
Often times we get so used to the same old products and services that we fail to take a step back and see if there is something better available. 
When I was 48, I started experiencing menopause. That's right. I was 48 years old and losing my mind.
Of course I'd heard about menopause and I knew what it meant; I'm getting older. What I wasn't ready for was everything else that came along with it. Mood swings, low-sex drive and hot flashes were just the beginning.
I still remember the first time I sat down and tried to explain menopause to my husband. I think he heard about two words that I said. I felt frustrated and completely alone. I didn't have a mother to explain to me what to do and none of my friends had started yet so I was on my own. 
I remember feeling like there was something wrong with me. I was depressed, but more than that I was embarrassed. Wasn't this something I was supposed to just be able to "handle"?
My doctor assured me that everything I was going through was perfectly normal and that there was nothing to worry about, but I was still worried. My husband and I had begun to have more disagreements than usual and I felt like it was my fault. 
If I could only pull myself together.
Two years went by and I was 50 pounds heavier, still struggling with depression and attending regularly scheduled marriage counseling sessions. My life was spiraling out of control and there was nothing I could do to stop it...or so I thought.
Just as I was about to give up, my younger sister sent me an email with an article attached. I will never forget the subject line, "saw this and thought of you." 
The article was actually a press release on a new, all-natural menopause supplement that had been discovered in Australia and was rapidly gaining popularity on the internet for its quick results and natural ingredients. 
I remember thinking, "this is too good to be true," but I wasn't in any place to judge this product without trying it first. 
I said a little prayer when I took my first two capsules, hoping they'd help, even if it was just a little bit. 
I'm now 53 and I've been taking my all-natural menopause supplement for almost three years. This supplement not only saved me from uncomfortable side-effects like mood-swings and hot flashes*[source], but it also saved my marriage. 
My husband calls them my, "miracle pills," and I can't help but agree. 
In addition to boosting my sex drive, I was also able to start a new gym regiment and lose the weight that I had gained*[source], which of course, made me feel sexier than ever. 
A simple, yet complex mix of amino acids and absolutely no hormones, the breakthrough supplement that changed my life is called Menoxcel and it's now available exclusively on Amazon. 
To get the word out about this breakthrough new product, a limited number of people are able to buy a full size bottle on Amazon for 20% off. All they ask is that you leave an unbiased review once you've tried it. Don't worry - this is not a subscription, so you will never be auto-billed. This is for a one-time purchase only. 
That's an entire month and a half supply and the best part is that all Menoxcel products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't love it, you'll get a full refund.
I thought my life was over when I entered menopause, but with Menoxcel, my life is really just beginning. 
If you are suffering from mild to severe hot flashes, night sweats, redness of the face chest and neck, anxiety or other menopause symptoms, click here to claim your 20% off Menoxcel Menopause Relief Formula and see how powerful it is for yourself!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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